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Flynn & Giovani offer a discreet provenance research service to private and corporate clients, wealth managers, family offices, galleries and museums. We also offer an appraisal service and educational seminars and workshops on the art market. 


Provenance Research and Due Diligence
Provenance has become one of the most important issues in the international art market. The implications of owning a valuable work of art, only to discover some time later that it has been falsified in some way, or has been stolen, or was looted during the Second World War, can be stressful and damaging, both financially and in terms of personal and business reputation.

Knowing the provenance of a work — meaning how it came to be in the possession of the current owner, and clarifying the previous record of ownership — is a crucial element, not only in acquiring a better understanding of the work, but also in being able to attach a history to it. This places the work into a broader historical context and is a process that every serious collector should undertake. It may also enhance an object's market value since it provides assurance to the market that the object's history is known and its integrity is intact.

Hence, when a collector wishes to acquire, insure or sell any object in his or her collection, it is their responsibility to ensure that there are no claims, liens and encumbrances hanging over the object. Insuring a work of art without knowing anything else about the work, does not protect the work or the reputation of the owner. Conducting research into an object's provenance and/or undertaking the necessary due diligence processes can remove or minimise the possibility of future loss.

The discreet Provenance Research and Due Diligence services offered by Flynn & Giovani involve the investigation where necessary of all relevant documentary, archival, art historical and historiographical sources with the aim of providing a better understanding of the work’s historical context and integrity. These procedures are justified in terms of the peace of mind they bring to potential owners. 

The need for appraisal and valuation can arise in many different contexts and for a wide variety of purposes including, but not limited to, insurance cover, probate, damage or loss, taxation, estate planning, acquisition or disposal of assets, loan collateral, dissolution of a marriage or business, inventory valuation, and so on. Flynn & Giovani can assist in all such instances. Please use our contact form for further information.

Works of art are unlike any other asset class in that they are often unique and subject to manifold historical, aesthetic and emotional factors that can affect their economic status and long-term investment value. The international markets in which they circulate are equally complex and socially and culturally specific. This can make the art market difficult to comprehend and thus fraught with risk. Flynn & Giovani offer tailor-made educational workshops and training seminars designed to promote a clearer understanding of the international markets for art, their social codes, business practices and sector-specific language and behaviours. Our educational services have been used in a wide range of contexts and can be adapted for large or small groups, for public and private clients, businesses and educational institutions. Seminar topics include:

The importance of Provenance Research and Due Diligence in the global art market: Methods and Approaches
How international fine art auctions work
The contemporary art trade
Art crime: theft, forgery and money-laundering
Cultural heritage and the art market
Price and value

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